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"The Zeta Potential as an Indicator of Surface Properties"
Dr. Thomas Luxbacher - International Product Manager – Anton Paar GmbH

30 de agosto - Terça-feira, 15h

Auditório "Inés Joekes"

Abstract: Whether in technological applications, biology or medicine, successfully developing new materials requires detailed knowledge of their surface properties. An appropriate treatment is necessary to tune the surface properties to fulfill the application requirements. However, the decreasing time available for such development processes demands a meaningful and rapid analysis of the solid surface, preferably close to the real conditions of the material application.

Various physical methods are commonly used for a chemical analysis of the solid surface. However, these methods often require a time-consuming sample preparation, or they are not sensitive enough for the outermost surfaces. The zeta potential is a characteristic parameter for describing the surface chemistry of solids. It forms at the interface between a solid and a surrounding liquid. Varying the pH value of the aqueous phase influences the equilibrium between dissociation and adsorption processes, giving insights into the chemical behavior of the surface.

The zeta potential is widely known in the field of colloid chemistry, but using the streaming potential and streaming current technique is possible to determine the zeta potential of macroscopic solid surfaces. An aqueous solution is set to flow across the solid surface under defined pressure conditions. The SurPASS 3 system by Anton Paar provides a comprehensive solution: With its range of different measuring cells the SurPASS 3 determines the zeta potential of solids of various shape and size, for example:

▸    Membranes and filters
▸    Biomaterials
▸    Semiconductors
▸    Fibers and fabrics
▸    Cosmetics and detergents
▸    Polymer surface modification
▸    Minerals

Dr. Thomas Luxbacher is the International Product Manager for surface analysis equipment at Anton Paar. He has been responsible for the surface analysis product line since 2003 and focuses on the development, optimization and marketing activities of this product line. He has a PhD in Technical Chemistry from the Technical University of Graz (Austria) and gained a broad range of work experience in different fields before joining Anton Paar GmbH.

Docente responsável: Munir Salomão Skaf