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Programa Seminários do IQ-Unicamp, Agosto/2015. 

06 de agosto - quinta-feira 
Auditório "Inés Joekes"

Título: "Contaminantes emergentes e o cenário brasileiro: tendências e preocupações". 
Prof. Dra. Cassiana C. Montagner Raimundo, DQA, IQ-Unicamp.
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07 de agosto - sexta-feira.
Sala IQ-5

Título: “New horizonts in synthesis for nano-bio-applications: To better Imaging, Scavengers and Delivering Agents”
Prof. Dr. Carlos Lodeiro Espiño, Associação Cientifica Proteomass, Portugal.
Abstract: New synthetic methodologies based on chalcogenide chemistry will be discussed to develop new nanomaterials with potential application in bio-remediation and bio-medical approaches. Examples from the last 3 years will be presented with special emphasis on mercury(II) detection, Protein scavengers applied in Proteomics and biological samples.
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