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"Environmental Toxicology"
Dr. David Klein - Texas Tech University

29 de setembro - quinta-feira, 16h
Auditório "Inés Joekes"

Prof. Klein has worked in the area of environmental chemistry since 1990.  He has managed laboratories in both Texas and Hawaii.  For six years he directed the Chemical Terrorism Response Laboratory that tested human blood and urine for chemical metabolites and toxic metals.  He started at Texas Tech University in 2012.  He currently has 5 doctoral students in his lab and is always recruiting graduate students with strong interests in chemistry. He has a currently Project by FAPESP SPRINT 2015/50458-9 with PhD Cassiana Carolina Montagner Raimundo (LQA-IQ-UNICAMP). For more information:

Abstract:  Environmental toxicology is the study of chemicals in the environment and their toxic effects on wildlife and humans.  My research focuses on the measurement of chemicals in the environment and trying to relate the results to toxic effects.  This field covers natural elements such as arsenic and mercury as well as anthropogenic (man-made) chemicals such as DDT, PCB and many other chemicals.

Docente responsável: Cassiana C. Montagner Raimundo"