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"Challenges and Opportunities in Small Molecule Synthesis"
Prof. John Boukouvalas - Universidade Laval, Canadá

Data: 16 de agosto, 16h00
Local: Auditório Inés Joekes

Abstract: This lecture will focus on new strategies and methods for constructing biologically significant natural products. For chemical synthesis to be viable by today’s standards, maximum brevity and overall efficiency are of paramount importance, as is virtually complete regio and stereocontrol. Needless to say that the chemistry should also be green and scalable! Such constraints demand adjustments in both strategy and tactics. We shall address these challenges in the context of establishing practical routes to select oxacyclic natural products, whose structures were not always as purported in the literature.

Docente responsável: "Ronaldo Aloise Pilli"  

Português, Brasil