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26 maio 2023




Seminários da Pós

Seminário IQ-RSC: Divulgando ciência e discutindo materiais para energia e sustentabilidade

Data: 26/05 (sexta-feira)
Horário: 14h00-17h30
Local: Auditório “Inés Joekes”, Instituto de Química/Unicamp

O evento contará com membros da Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC, Reino Unido) e envolverá dois seminários voltados à divulgação de ciência e à investigação de materiais para energia e sustentabilidade.
Às 14h00, ocorrerá a apresentação “Communicating your research to a wide audience” pela Dra. Zhengzheng Zhang (RSC), mediado pela Dra. Elizabeth Magalhães (RSC). Em seguida, às 16h00, haverá a apresentação “Discovery of New Inorganic Materials for Applications in Energy and Sustainability” pelo Prof. Richard Walton (University of Warwick).


– 14h00-15h40 – “Communicating your research to a wide audience”
Dr. Zhengzheng Zhang, Regional Publisher/Editorial Development Manager, RSC.

Resumo: Tips and advice on how to effectively communicate your work to a lay audience such as general public, patent agency, reporters/university PRs, and how to promote your research using lay language via social media. After the presentation, Dr Zhang will be happy to answer questions regarding RSC OA policy or RSC journal publishing.

Dr. Zhengzheng Zhang received a MS degree in Optics with research focus on Quantum Optics, a MA in Science Journalism, and a PhD in Physics with research areas across condensed matter physics, materials science, chemical physics, surface science and biophysics. She has publications in prestigious journals such as Applied Physics Letter, JACS, Chem. Comm., PCCP, JPCC etc. and 4 international patents (including a US patent). Before joining RSC, she worked at the American Institute of Physics as an international project manager who led China project, worked with Leadership team to develop and implement globalization strategy and built international collaboration with key Chinese science organizations (such as CAS, CAST etc), top universities (Peking University, Tsinghua University), top science media outlets (CCTV-science education channel, Tencent, Sina.com etc) etc. to support AIP and AIP’s member societies (such as APS, OSA, AAPT etc.) international development and collaboration. She also worked at Cell Press, Elsevier as an associate editor handling manuscripts for the journals Cell Reports Physical Science, Chem., and worked as a consulting editor for the journal Joule.

– 15h40-16h00 – Intervalo / Coffee break

– 16h00-17h30 – “Discovery of New Inorganic Materials for Applications in Energy and Sustainability”
Prof. Richard I. Walton, Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick

Resumo: Contemporary applications related to the storage, conversion and transport of energy rely on the optimisation of functional materials to allow efficient devices to be developed that offer cost-effective and environmentally conscious use of resources. Likewise the utilisation of natural resources demands innovative materials chemistry to minimise pollution and waste. Prof. Walton will describe his work targeting the synthesis of new inorganic materials for various practical applications, particularly focussing on solution-based synthesis methods that permit the formation of novel crystalline forms of materials, new compositions and the discovery of new crystal structures. This will be illustrated by oxide materials, including precious-metal oxides for electrocatalysis and niobium oxides for lithium storage applications. Prof. Walton will then illustrate the case of hybrid materials, with the chemistry of metal-organic frameworks showing how solution-stable materials can be produced for acid-redox- and electro-catalysis applications. These are applied in the conversion of biomass-derived chemicals to useful products. In all cases Prof. Walton will emphasise how a combination of advanced analytical techniques is needed to build a complete model of atomic-scale and to understand reactivity of functional materials.

Professor Richard Walton was educated at the University of Oxford (BA 1994) and the University of Reading (PhD 1997) and undertook postdoctoral work in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford with Dermot O’Hare working on in situ methods for following crystallisation. Following a Lecturer position at the University of Exeter (2000-2005) he was appointed at the University of Warwick as Senior Lecturer in 2006 and promoted to full Professor of Chemistry in 2011. His research focusses on the synthesis and characterisation (particularly using synchrotron X-rays and neutron scattering) of a range of inorganic materials, including transition-metal oxides, zeolites and MOFs. His work involves several industrial collaborations to examine applications in areas such as heterogeneous catalysis and electrochemistry. Prof. Walton is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2014) and he is currently the Director of X-ray Research Technology Platform and Chair of Department of Chemistry Research Committee at the University of Warwick.

The event is finished.

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